UNIMORE has activated several research laboratories dealing with sport.
The research activities carried out in these laboratories focus on various areas such as improving performance and training techniques, increasing the number of people practising sport, reducing the risk of injury in sport and supporting healthy lifestyles.
There are several scientific disciplines dealing with sport at Unimore: computer science and psychology, biomechanics and material engineering, social sciences and molecular biology, sports medicine and neuroscience.


Sensors / wearables

  • Laboratory of Organic Electronics – Department of Life Science

Address: Via Campi 217/d, Modena

Head: Professor Fabio Biscarini

Webpage www.leo.unimore.it

  • Centro Pascia

Address: AOU Policlinico di Modena – Via del Pozzo 71, Modena

Head: Professor Maria Grazia Modena

Activities: Cardiac ultrasonography, dynavision (Telemedicine device), Smart Modular System (SMS) for remote monitoring of vital parameters.

  • Service of Sports Medicine AUSL (Local Health Authority) of Modena

Address: ℅ AUSL Modena – Palapanini Branch – Via dello Sport, 29 – Modena

Head: Dr Gustavo Savino

Activities: spirometry, ergometric tests

  • Quality of Life Lab

Address: Via Campi 287 – Modena

Head: Professor Anna Vittoria Mattioli, Professor Milena Nasi

Activities: immunometabolic surveys and investigations of vital and cardiovascular parameters


New materials (development and test)

  • En&Tech

Address: Piazzale Europa, 1 – Reggio Emilia

Head: Professor Enrico Radi

Webpage: Home – Centro Interdipartimentale EN&TECH (unimore.it)

Activities: Two years ago, the EN&TECH centre began working on the WE Light project, financed with POR FESR funds from the Emilia Romagna region, concerning the design of smart clothing, able combine data management through IOT solutions and the presence of a light source (LED or laser) that allows athletes to train safely on the road.


Simulation and/or data analysis

  • LIFT – Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Address: Via Vivarelli, 10 – Modena

Head: Professor Enrico Stalio

Webpage: http://www.lift.unimore.it/

Activity: fluid dynamics and aerodynamics simulation (aerodynamic issues in fast sports such as skiing, cycling, bobsleigh, etc.).

  • “Franco Lombardini” Lab of Machine Dynamics

Address: Via G. Amendola, 2 – Pav. Tamburini – DISMI UNIMORE 42122 Reggio Emilia

Head: Professor Riccardo Rubini, Professor Davide Castagnetti

Webpage: http://www.machinedesign.re.unimore.it/site/home/facilities.html

Activities: Simulation and dynamic characterisation of machines, with an emphasis on mechatronics. The aim of the laboratory is to accelerate the development process of complex machines and dynamic systems, anticipating the real working conditions of the product with computational and experimental simulations.


Motion Analysis

  • Motion Analysis Lab

Address: Tecnopolo, Reggio Emilia – Pav. 19

Branch office: Rehabilitation Therapy Centre – CTR, Via F.lli Cervi 59

Head: Professor Massimo Milani

Activities: The laboratory is embedded in INTERMECH MO.RE. within GRITT and participated as a partner in the JUMP project (POR-FESR 2014 – 2020). On the basis of the experience gained over the last 5 years, he founded a spin-off of UNIMORE (ALEA srl), through which he is working with leading national sports organisations (Valorugby, Modena Volley, Trentino Volley above all).

  • Biomechanics and Motion Analysis Laboratory

Address: Orthopaedics and Traumatology Unit, Policlinico di Modena, Largo del Pozzo 71, 41124 Modena, Italy

Heads: Professor F. Catani, Professor G. Porcellini, Professor L.Tarallo, Dr Novi

Activities: the Laboratory works with the simple departmental structure of hand rehabilitation, directed by Dr Sartini and with NCS-Lab (NCs Company), a multi-technological centre for the rehabilitation of patients, development of medical devices for orthopaedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

The lab uses a patient-worn inertial sensor system, NCS Company’s proprietary technology, called Showmotion™.

 Showmotion is a measurement tool that enables a comprehensive analysis of movement and related muscle activity using associated surface EMg.

Using an inertial platform and validated protocols for upper and lower limbs, Showmotion is the tool used to record, segment and compare joint movements in real time using wireless sensors.

The protocols implemented in the Showmotion™ platform are ISEO and Outwalk.


Cognitive/psychological tests

  • Human Cognition Lab (HuCog Lab)

Address: Palazzo Dossetti – Viale Antonio Allegri, 9, 42121 Reggio Emilia RE
Heads: Professor Sandro Rubichi, Professor Cristina Iani
Webpage: http://www.hucog.unimore.it/site/home.html
Activities: Electrophysiological measurements (e.g., EEG; EEG-Hyperscanning)