Name: Mattia

Surname:  Bettuzzi

Age:  22

Place of birth: Reggio Emilia

Course of study:  Physiotherapy

Sports:  Field hockey

Recent Results:

  • Victory in the A1 outdoor championship of the Italian men’s field hockey championship 23/24
  • Victory in the men’s Serie B indoor championship, Italian championship 23/24
  • My team placed fourth in the Coppa Italia 23/24


  • Winning the Elite Field Hockey Championship with my team
  • Olympics in Paris 2024

Brief presentation: My name is Bettuzzi Mattia, born in Reggio Emilia on 05/12/2001. I have been playing field hockey for 11 years in the Italian hockey city of Reggio Emilia, passing through the various championships from Serie B and then being promoted to A2, A1 and finally we managed to reach the top Italian Elite championship which we will play this year for the first time in 60 years since the company was founded. In 2022 I participated with the national under 21 team in the European Championship in the Czech Republic in Pilsen, finishing fifth. My goal is to be able to play with the national first team in the future and try to make my sport known as much as possible which unfortunately in Italy has very limited opportunities compared to other sports.