Name: Grazia

Surname: Rollino

Age: 24

Place of birth: Modena

Course of study: Management and business consultancy

Sports: Volleyball

Results 2023:
First place in the Serie CF championship
Promotion to the Serie B2 national championship

Reaching the playoffs

Brief presentation:
I started playing volleyball at the age of eight and have never stopped since then. I grew up within Soliera Volley 150, the sports reality of my country, starting from the youth team, then passing through the regional championships of series D and series C, up to playing the national championship of series B2, undoubtedly the most satisfying sporting experience. great thing in my life: a dream that came true.
Although practicing sport frequently involves a great expenditure of time and energy and although reconciling work, study and sport is difficult, I do not see this as a sacrifice, because volleyball is my greatest passion.