Name: Lucia

Surname: Cantergiani

Age: 19

Place of birth: Reggio Emilia

Course of study: Biotechnology

Sport: Athletics

Recent results:

  • Fifth place at the 2021 Italian U20 championships (heptathlon, 4591 points)
  • Fourth place at the 2020 Italian U20 championships (heptathlon, 4450 points)

Objectives: Italian U23 Championships (both in the heptathlon and in single specialities), Overall Italian Championships.

Brief introduction: My name is Lucia and I am attending the first year of the faculty of biotechnology at Unimore. I discovered athletics when I was around 13, thanks to a friend who practiced it and thanks to my grandfather (he was passionate about it). I immediately fell in love with this sport and I train constantly to improve my results more and more. Through athletics I met many of my best friends who helped me become the person I am now. Additionally, I really like reading books and playing the piano.