Name: Riccardo

Surname: Gollini

Age: 23

Place of birth: Modena

Course of study: Legal sciences of business and public administration

Sports: Volleyball

Recent results: CEV Cup

Objectives: become a starter in the Super League

Brief presentation: I have always been a lover of sports in general, football and volleyball being my favourites. I played football from the age of 6 to 16, starting at Monari here in Modena and then moving to Carpi at the age of 11 where I remained until I was 15. After a final year in Modena F.C. I decided to leave football to start playing volleyball, another passion of mine, thanks to the interest of Modena Volley who called me to the youth sector. From May 2021 I joined the first team as second libero, a role I still hold, managing to play a few games as a starter this season. I am enrolled in the first year outside the course of legal sciences and I try to continue my studies compatibly with my sporting commitments.