Welcome to Unimore website, whose purpose is to promote and support the sports culture through the enhancement of both professional and amateur sport activities inside the University and in the area of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

For years now and through several initiatives and actions, Unimore has committed to support its students engaged in sporting activities at a high level, in the belief that study and sport share an essential imprint on their education. In 2017, Unimore was one of the first Italian universities to sign an agreement with CONI to support university training activities for student athletes. The Unimore Sport Excellence programme was born thanks to this agreement.

Unimore believes that sport, even when it remains a passion and fun, is an opportunity for growth and for acquiring new skills for everyone, and has undertaken to promote a real culture of sport and inclusion, aimed at the development of healthy lifestyles and wellness, through activities and projects, in collaboration with Cus More and sports clubs, addressed to the academic community and the local area.

If you too want to make a contribution to the Unimore Sport Excellence project, you can do so through a donation.