Name: Francesca

Surname: Tesini

Age: 20

Place of birth: Modena

Course of study: Natural Sciences

Sports: Volleyball

Recent results: Promotion to Serie B1 and qualification for the CNU in Camerino

Objectives: Play offs and qualification for the 2024 CNU

Brief presentation: I come from a family that loves sports, my parents played volleyball and when I was little they took me to the gym to watch their matches.
At the age of 6 I also started playing at the Nonantola Sports Club, and then finished my last year of youth in Montale.
This is the third season that I have played in San Damaso, which has given me the opportunity to gain experience and learn in both Serie B2 and B1.
In my first year of university, together with my classmates, we obtained the qualification for the CNU in Camerino, finishing in fifth place.