Name: Giulia

Surname: Cordazzo

Age: 20

Place of birth: Modena

Course of study: Medicine and Surgery

Sports: Athletics

Recent results: silver in the 3000 m indoor at the Italian U23 championships, Ancona 5/02

Objectives: participation in the Italian category championships in Agropoli; participation in the U23 European championships in Espoo, Finland.

Brief presentation:

My name is Giulia and I have been practicing athletics since sixth grade; It can’t be said it was love at first sight, which began by chance, following some classmates. Gradually, after a few years, however, it became a passion and running is now also an outlet.

Athletics also taught me to face and overcome many difficulties and injuries.

I am in my second year of studying medicine and surgery, a subject that has fascinated me since I was little. I am satisfied with my choice of studies, even if it is very demanding and between training and studies, there is often very little free time.