Surname: PAOLINI

Age: 24

Place of birth: ANCONA

Course of study: PICI


Recent Results:
Year 2023
CNU qualification in Camerino June 2023
B1 Championship with Rubierese Volley
Captain of the Cus MoRe 2024 women’s volleyball team

The current objectives are to qualify for the national university championship and reach the playoff phase with my current team Rubierese Volley aiming for promotion to A2.

Brief presentation:
I am enrolled in the second year of the PICI master’s course, Advertising, Digital communication and business creativity. I started playing volleyball at 15 years old, a little later than my classmates but I immediately developed a passion for this sport which led me to always give my best to reach an ever higher level and improve my performances. My dream is to have a season in Serie A.