Name: Miguel

Surname: Orzi

Age: 20 (born in 03/11/2003)

Place of birth: Modena

Course of study: Management Engineering

Sports: Golf

Recent results: Victory in the Italian stage, played at the Olgiata golf club in October. First victory in the history of an Italian in this international circuit, which brings together the best university student golfers (who do not study in the USA and Mexico)
Goals: Improve my game

Brief presentation: I started playing golf since I was little, and I joined the Italian national golf team two years ago. I leave the link to the article made about me for the race described above, article from the rest of the pug.

A Miguel Orzi il The R&A Student, terzo Ponzano – Federgolf

Lanigan and Orzi victorious on dramatic final day in Rome (

Palla in buca Orzi conquista la ’laurea’ del golf – Quotidiano Sportivo

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