Name: Camilla

Surname: Ballestrazzi

Age: 21

Place of birth: PAVULLO N/F



Recent Results:

  • Spring taekwondo open Caorle combat 2023: first place
  • Interregional Emilia-Romagna combat 2023: third place
  • 2023 National University Fighting Championships: first place
  • National university shape championships 2023: third place


  • The main objectives I have set myself are to heal from a tear, so that I can then reach the podium at the interregional championships, at the next CNU, and at international competitions.
  • As a short-term goal, reach the podium at the next CNU in Campobasso in perhaps and if possible also in combat.

Brief presentation:

  • I’m Camilla and I’m in my third year of a computer engineering course. I discovered taekwondo at the age of 5 and fell in love with it straight away but due to complications I had to stop for quite a few years. I started training again for 4 years, achieving excellent results in combat, and it is my favorite part because when I don’t think about anything but focus on the desire to prove to myself that with so many sacrifices I can achieve almost everything I want. I hope that this career can last as long as possible and I believe that, when one day I can no longer carry on, I will continue to pass on this passion of mine to younger people as I already do today with the children and teenagers in my gym.