Name: Gaia

Surname: Buso

Age: 21

Place of birth: Treviso

Course of study: Psychological Sciences and Techniques

Sports: Rugby

Recent results: third place in the Serie A Elite championship in 2023, ho
made his debut with the Italian national XV and took second place at WXV 2023 in South Africa. With the Seven national team I achieved ninth place at the European Games in Krakow, valid for qualifying for the Olympics.

Goals: the short-term goal is to play in the 2024 Six Nations which starts at the end of March; the long-term one is to play at WXV 2024 in October and to be in the squad for the 2025 World Cup

Brief presentation: I am enrolled in the Psychological Sciences and Techniques course and have been playing rugby since I was 9 years old. I play in a team that plays in the top Italian women’s championship, Serie A Elite, and we are currently fourth in the table. I am an athlete of the Italian senior XV national team and for the National Seven team, with which I participated in the World Cup qualifiers, the European tournaments and the European Games in Krakow. I won 3 Italian championships 2016/2017/2018, a second place in 2019 under 18 and in 2022 with the Serie A Elite. In 2019 I played for the English college academy in Worthing, for the Hove team in the Championship and was selected for the Sussex county team.